Yoga Teacher Training | Final Update

This post is long overdue since I completed my Yoga Teacher Training about 2 weeks ago, but I still wanted to write an update for those who were following along.

Yoga Teacher Training | Final Update

The fourth and final week of the YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) was great! A lot of it consisted of reviewing information that we already learned for our exam, but we also learned a about restorative yoga, arm balances, and some work at the Iyengar Wall. The restorative and Iyengar day was really interesting, and performing those postures brought up a lot of emotions for me. A lot of my peers and I ended up crying at one point or another throughout the class because it basically all came to the surface for a lot of people. The main thing that I learned about myself during this day was that I am totally fine doing inversions where I support myself (handstand, headstand, forearm stand, etc.), but when I have to rely on straps and a wall to hold me upside down, I get really scared. Even now as I’m writing this, just remembering what we did on that day (inverted baddha konasana in particular) my hands are getting really clammy and my heart rate is increasing. Once I was hanging there upside down, it was really cool, and I felt so much length in my spine afterwards. I definitely want to experience the Iyengar wall again at some point soon because it was really amazing.

As for the exam, I felt that it was definitely challenging, but I knew I could handle it. Throughout the course of the program, I had taken copious notes, and I had worked really hard on listening to the lectures in order to retain all the information (and there was A LOT of information). So, when it came to exam time, I tried to remain calm– I was a little nervous, of course –and it went pretty well. I learned so much about Yoga, but I still feel like I want to learn more. I know that at some point in my life, whether it be this year or in 5 years (or more who knows), I would love to continue my Yoga teacher training and receive the remaining 300 hours. I also would love to learn more about pre-natal yoga and restorative yoga because those specialties (we learned a little about them already) seemed really interesting to me.

Final Thoughts: As of now, I have already been hired as a Yoga Teacher (only 2 weeks after my training ended!), and I am so excited to get started. I am so grateful to have had this experience, and for anyone who is interested in going through the Yoga teacher training, I would highly recommend it. I loved all of the new friends I met, and my instructors were all so amazing. For any of my new Yoga teacher training friends reading this, thank you so much for being a part of this awesome time in my life! You are all awesome!!

Yoga Teacher Training |

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