Why The End of Yoga Class is Important | Savasana

Let me paint you a picture here. So, you’re in a Yoga class, and you’ve just finished a really great workout! It combined stretching & strengthening, and it made you feel really uplifted and energized! You’re just about done with the class, and you’re ready to get on with the rest of your day when your teacher says, “Now come to lying on your backs, relax your legs slightly apart, turn your palms up towards the ceiling, and close your eyes.” You say to yourself, “I don’t have time for this sh… stuff! I have to… go clean my kitchen!” or “… go back to work!” or “… feed my cat!” or “… buy a falafel!” Whatever!! I don’t know your life!


Why is Savasana Important? | TheDanceGrad.com


Anyway, I know what it’s like to feel like you don’t have time for savasana (or corpse pose; a.k.a. the end of a Yoga class) because at one time in my life, I felt the exact same way! I would struggle so much to lay there for however long the teacher remained silent, which usually felt like 7 hours when in reality it was likely to be less than 3 minutes! That’s right folks! 3 MINUTES OR LESS!!! If you feel like you don’t have time to stay still for less than 3 minutes, then we have a SERIOUS problem here! For reals.


Therefore, since I know so many of you out there struggle with the same issue, I made a video describing exactly why it is so VITALLY IMPORTANT to your wellbeing if you just hang in there for savasana! Watch my video, and I promise, your Yoga mind will be BLOWN!! Knowing why it’s so flippin’ important to do savasana will (hopefully) forever change your Yoga practice & the way you care for yourself. I promise!! Enjoy :)




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