This Is What A Feminist Looks Like

So, today is the final day of the #FeelGoodBlogging challenge! We made it, fellow bloggers! Anyway, onto the 7th and final post of the challenge, and its going to be a bit of a controversial one. Here goes nothing!!

This Is What a Feminist Looks Like |

I am a feminist. I have always believed in equality amongst men and women, and I always will. I do not believe in chivalry, and although it is nice to be treated in a “special” way every once and a while, I believe that it should come from both sides of the relationship equally (i.e. If he holds the door for me, I hold the door for him, etc.).

For many people out there, feminism is a “dirty” word. They are unaware of what it means to be a feminist, and people who associate with that word are often seen as bra-burning, man-haters who don’t wear makeup and prefer Birkenstocks as their shoes of choice. If you have looked to the right of this post (my side bar) or seen any of my other posts, you can tell that I am none of those stereotypes, nor will I be one any time soon. I like looking pretty, wearing dresses, shopping, and makeup, and because none of those things define me, they have NOTHING to do with my feminist beliefs. I am not angry towards men, in fact, I like men very much, and I actually quite prefer wearing bras because if I teach yoga or dance without one, its pretty painful (I’m just being honest here).

Therefore, if any of you reading this are one of those people who are weary or judgmental towards feminists, I personally would like to tell you that feminism is about equality & not hatred towards men. I believe in equal rights. I believe that we all should not only be treated equally by others, but we also should be treated equally by each other. I have no problem paying for half my bill at the restaurant, in fact, I have no problem paying for the whole bill sometimes (as long as its an equal two-way street). Obviously this goes a bit further than just the “standard rules” of dating, which is why its such an important issue to me, and it should be an important issue to everyone who feels strongly about equal rights of any kind.

Thank you all so much for reading my post from 7 day of the #feelgoodblogging challenge! I am so honored to have met all of the wonderful participants, and I’m so excited to continue with the new friendships I have made during this journey!

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Best Wishes,

Christina <3





  • Angel G.

    I loved it, and I totally agree!

    • Christina D’Arrigo

      Thanks, Angel! :)

  • Kayla Joy Smith

    Enjoyed reading this! Just like any group of people, there’s a select few that have to give the rest a bad name. It’s such a sad thing! I understand completely where you’re coming from as you believe in equal rights and often times when people hear the word feminist, they think “femi-nazi.” There’s some woman out there that take it too far but again, there’s people like that in any group! It’s good to have a balance! (Thanks for the comment on my blog, btw! :D)

    • Christina D’Arrigo

      Thank you, Kayla! I completely agree! There’s always extremists who take it too far, and those are the ones people notice & remember the most. Thanks for your comment as well!! :)

  • Cori

    Hi Christina:
    I’m glad that I don’t like to give ‘labels’ or ‘stereotypes’ and I totally agree with you about the equal rights. Everybody’s the same so everybody should be treated equally ♥.
    This was an excellent post Christina! I’m so glad I met you thanks to this amazing Challenge, I promise I’ll continue visiting and commenting your blog :D

    • Christina D’Arrigo

      Hi Cori!! Thank you so so much!!! Its so awesome that you don’t label or stereotype because equality is so important!! I’m so glad to have met you through the blogging challenge as well!! I will definitely be back to your blog, for sure! :)

  • Brooke Ducati

    I can agree! Chivalry is nice but I like looking at sweet gestures as a 2 way street! Some men don’t understand (my boyfriend) lol, but I do it anyway! I have really enjoyed all your posts and look forward go reading more! xo

    • Christina D’Arrigo

      Thank you for your comment, Brooke!! I totally agree that some men just don’t really understand, but hopefully someday everyone will :) xo

  • Dana Maye Buchmiller

    I love this post! I think feminism is about equal rights, and valuing ourselves as women. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Christina D’Arrigo

      Thank you, Dana! I absolutely agree with you :)

  • GladyAnne

    That’s the biggest confusion, I think. People assuming that if you’re a feminist then you hate men. I am all for equal rights!! Emma Watson definitely got this spreading wild with her #heforshe campaign.
    Great post!

    • Christina D’Arrigo

      Yes, she definitely did! I was so glad when she made that speech and brought this issue to a much wider audience!! She is such an inspiration :) Thank you for your comment, Glady!!

  • Kat TheBusinessDarling

    Hey Christina, great post! I loved taking my now husband out to eat and buying him stuff to make him feel special back when we were dating. I made more money and I could, so why not? Then when I wanted to stay home and have a baby he did the same for me. I’m not one for gender roles either. I grew up with a stay at home dad ;)

    • Christina D’Arrigo

      Hi Kat!! That is so awesome that you and your husband have such an equal relationship!!! I came from a similar type of household as well, so that definitely contributes to my current beliefs! Thank you for your comment! Looking forward to our mastermind hangout tomorrow :)

  • Angélique C

    To be coined a feminist still scares me. More or less I know i am one, but as you said…it’s so stereotyped. it’s like entering an epic battle every time you say you’re a feminist. *sigh*

    • Christina D’Arrigo

      I totally get that! As someone who is still a bit afraid to put myself out there, I still confront that inner fear every time the topic is brought up. As long as the beliefs are in you, they will come out in your own way, even if you’re not physically saying the word, “feminist.” Thanks so much for reading & for your comment :)

  • Beauty by Arielle

    I have been so confused as to why this year so many people have been coming out and saying being a feminist = man hating o_O it just makes me sad. I am a feminist but most certainly don’t hate men. But I do think I should be treated equal to one!

    • Christina D’Arrigo

      Yes, I definitely agree!!! I think its just so misunderstood because of the extremists out there who always take it a bit too far. As long as there are so many people out there (women & men) who know what feminism is truly about, I strongly believe that equality will win overall. Thank you for your comment, Arielle! I love your blog & youtube channel as well! :)

  • Isabella Bubola

    Hi, Christina! :)

    This post was spot on! I agree with everything written here. Ever since I can remember I thought of myself as a feminist because being treated equally is something that seemed so natural to me. I’ve been lucky to have grown in a liberal family and that’s, partly, what made the person I am today.
    Men haters? I won’t even comment on that. I hate mean people and I love good people, regardless of their gender.

    • Christina D’Arrigo

      Hi Isabella!! Thank you so much, and you are so right about that!! People who are mean & who “hate” are not worth any of our time or energy regardless of their gender!! Thank you for your comment :)

  • Lina

    Yes, I completely agree. It has to possible to raise awareness to inequality and gender issues without being brand-marked as unfeminine or man-hating. Luckily there is quite a movement to encourage women (and men) to consider themselves feminists. Has anyone heard Emma Watson´s talk on feminism?

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