The End of My No Sugar Challenge | Or Is It?

Its over! I just completed 4 full weeks of my No Sugar Challenge! This means that for four full weeks, I did not eat any added sugar, white flour, or anything processed. This was absolutely an emotional roller coaster, and it was one of the most difficult health-related challenges that I have ever encountered. 

How Do I Feel Now?

After the four week mark, I am feeling a lot lighter (as I said in my previous post, I lost about 10 lbs), and I’m also feeling a bit more energetic than I did four weeks ago. Do I feel like I can run a marathon? No, not so much. However, I do feel a bit more motivated to get up and get going in the morning (given that I got a good amount of sleep that night). My skin did not improve from cutting out sugar, which I am a bit disappointed about because that was something I was definitely hoping for. 

The End of My No Sugar Challenge | Or Is It? |

Will I Continue With This New Lifestyle?

Yes! I will continue eliminating foods from my diet with added sugar or white flour on a regular basis. This means that when I go to the grocery store every week, I’m not going to buy anything processed that contains white flour, added sugar, or anything unnatural to eat on a daily basis. However, if there is something I want to have or want to try every once and a while, I am not going to limit myself as I did throughout this challenge. I didn’t even treat myself to some cake on my birthday this year because it was right in the middle of week 1!! I will also be including some more natural & healthy sweeteners back into my diet, but limiting the amount I consume regularly. Another thing I will be doing is going back to eating 100% whole grain bread, or maybe even pumpernickel because those are both fairly low on the glycemic index, and therefore, I feel they would be okay to eat moderately.

Final Thoughts: The reason why I am not going completely back to sugar is because I really want to try my best to prevent health issues from coming up in the future. I see what my grandparents and even my parents at times go through with all these health related problems, and I want to do everything I can so that I don’t have to take a million and one pills every day for the rest of my life. Call me a healthy-nut, call me paranoid… whatever! There are always going to be people with negative opinions about everything, and I’m not going to let it bother me. Everyone is on their own path in life, and as of now this one is mine.

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