From Dancer to Designer | Guest Post with Taylor Morgan

Today’s post is by fellow blogger, ex-dancer, & fashion designer, Taylor Morgan! In her post, Taylor tells us a about her journey from professional dancer to NYC fashion designer! She also tells us a little bit about her NEW DANCEWEAR LINE called Cove, & she shares a few sneak peek images of the clothing designs!!  I hope you all enjoy! :)

So, take it away, Taylor!!


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Hi, I am Taylor Morgan. I have lived two lives. My first life ended when I was about 20 years old, but that’s when my second life began. Am I talking about reincarnation? No, I am talking about my two greatest passions, dance and design, & they are held together by one common thread: attention to detail. Let me explain…

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I am a fashion designer in New York City. I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.), one of the most prestigious colleges for fashion design in the Nation, and I now work for Tommy Hilfiger as a designer for the men’s woven division. I am not trying to brag. In fact, I am trying to give credit to where it is due… DANCE, my very first love and my “first” life!

You see, I grew up dancing. My little baby body literally grew in my mother’s womb as she taught dance. She owned a thriving dance studio & also started the Phoenix Suns dance team in 1990, 2 years after I was born. Growing up, I had 3 activities to choose from; 1) Dance 2) Watch a dance class 3) Sleep or Eat. Lucky for me, I love dance! I trained in all styles, but lyrical emerged as my favorite.

My dream to be a professional dancer was realized shortly after high school, when I moved to L.A. Represented by MSA, I was able to make a living doing what I love for 2 years. I was in a Miley Cyrus music video, I was flown to Las Vegas to dance in Nike’s huge convention, and booked several other memorable dance gigs. It was a dream come true, but at the same time I had an itch that was growing stronger day by day.

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That itch started while watching the movie Parent Trap, with Lindsay Lohen, as a 10 year old. The mother, played by Natasha Richardson, was a famous wedding dress designer in London. It looked like such a beautiful life, and from that point on I started to sketch dresses for fun, imagining I was a fashion designer. It wasn’t until I was 19 years old that I realized I truly wanted to scratch the itch for good! I enrolled into fashion school and the rest was history.

How was I able to make the transition from dancing 24/7 to designing clothes? What skills from my dance life could help me in my design life? Well I’ll tell you. Dance taught me from an early age to pay attention to the details. A ballerina can go from mush to magnificence with a few tweaks to the details. Small changes can make a huge difference. It’s not about how high you leap, but how your feet are pointed. It’s not about how fast you turn, but how your hands are positioned, even down to the smallest finger.

In the fashion world, something as small as the type of stitch used, where a seam is placed, or how far the buttons are spaced apart can make or break a design. Again, small choices can have huge effects, for good or for bad, so you must always pay attention to them closely. By paying attention to the details, you will stand out from the crowd as a dancer or anything else you might want to do.

I said earlier that my first life of dance ended when I was about 20 years old. For anyone that is a true dancer, you are probably thinking to yourself, “That is not possible!” Well you are absolutely correct! Once a dancer, always a dancer! No matter what I do, it always sucks me back in! So I am now answering its call and now that I am a fashion designer in NYC, I have decided to start a dancewear company called Cove!

Cove NYC Dancewear |

Cove NYC Dancewear | TheDanceGrad.comCove NYC Dancewear |

Knowing the proper techniques to construct clothes and also understanding the issues dancers deal with as they dance; I wanted to create a dancewear brand that combines function, comfort, and style to help dancers reach their full potential! You can find out more about Cove and help us get started by supporting our Kickstarter campaign. You can also follow us on instagram @covewearnyc!

Remember to train hard & pay attention to the details, and you will succeed in anything you do!


Taylor Morgan

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