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Hello everyone!! I’m proud to say that I survived week 1 of 4 for my No Sugar Challenge! It was not an easy road, especially since day 3 was my birthday (no cake for me). It is making it a bit easier that I’m currently staying with my parents at home and both of them are on diets as well. If they were both eating “normally” while I had to cut out SO MUCH from my diet, I would probably go a bit crazy. I definitely experienced some sugar withdrawal symptoms, but overall, I think its going pretty well!

The No Sugar Challenge | Week 1 of 4

Week 1 of The No Sugar Challenge

So, just to describe to you all a little bit of how it went during the course of the week, I have to say it wasn’t as “hard” as I anticipated. However, on the first day I really didn’t think I was going to make it. Not because I was craving sweets, but because I was so ill. I was taking the challenge to the extreme by cutting out ALL sugars. I was originally planning on going two weeks without eating any refined sugar, added sugar, artificial sweeteners, carbs, and even fruit. I went one day without sugar at all, and I was so sick even before I got home for dinner.

First of all, I had a massive headache that progressed from lunchtime onward. Then I started feeling so nauseated that I literally was on the verge of throwing up. As soon as I got home from work, I couldn’t eat dinner, but I ate three blackberries and then laid down. After sleeping for about an hour, I woke up feeling so much better. My headache had vanished, and I was no longer feeling nauseated. After that day, I decided to bring fruit back into my diet (fruit with low amounts of sugar such as berries and apples) as well as potatoes and brown rice on occasion, but not every day. 

The No Sugar Challenge | Week 1 of 4

The rest of the week went pretty well actually. I ate A LOT of vegetables, protein, and good fat, as well as a decent amount of fruit. For a few days, I was eating scrambled eggs with vegetables (spinach, mushrooms, or kale) for breakfast, homemade vegetable soup or quinoa pasta with homemade tomato sauce for lunch, and animal protein with potatoes and a vegetable (squash, kale, salad, etc.) for dinner. I tried not to eat any fruit at night to avoid the sugar disturbing my sleep, but sometimes I would have a few berries, which don’t have as much sugar as other fruit.

The No Sugar Challenge | Week 1 of 4

Withdrawal Symptoms

A lot of other bloggers and tweeters who are doing their own No Sugar Challenges write about their sugar withdrawal symptoms. As I stated earlier, I felt the worst on day 1 of the challenge, and that’s because I was being really REALLY strict. I could tell it was from not eating sugar because as soon as I ate those few blackberries (or shortly after), I felt so much better. When I added some fruit and complex carbs back into by diet (minimally), the only symptom I experienced was fatigue. I am also experiencing some cravings, but once I eat my healthy snack (cheese, nuts, carrots, etc.) I feel fine. I actually have been finding myself eating smaller meals throughout the day as opposed to three larger meals.

I’ve also lost about 5 lbs., and I’m noticing an improvement in the skin on my face. I’ve always struggled with acne, acne spots, and just tired dull-looking skin, but I can now see a slight difference in my skin tone, and a natural glow is starting to surface. I’m looking forward to my skin improving even further, and I am also looking forward to the point in this process where I feel a bit more energetic. 

Final Thoughts: Although I do crave my usual sweets (as previously discussed in my first No Sugar Challenge post), I still am able to keep my eye on the prize. My new job has an awesome cupcake bakery right down the street, and it takes every ounce of willpower I have to not go over there and get a red velvet cupcake for myself. It was particularly difficult not to do so on my birthday, but I prevailed! If you’re following along on this challenge with me, or planning on doing your own No Sugar Challenge, be sure that you eat a LOT of vegetables and drink a LOT of water. It will help you to stay “regular” if you know what I mean. Thank you all so much to all my new readers out there, and I hope you come back again to view my Week 2 Update for my No Sugar Challenge. 

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