Raise Your Hand If You Hate Valentine’s Day

Raise Your Hand If You Hate Valentine's Day

Raise your hand if you hate Valentine’s Day! I know I’m not the only one who really doesn’t like this holiday, but I think I may be the only “non-single” person who doesn’t like this holiday (maybe; please correct me if I’m wrong).

I think the reason for this weird aversion to V-Day is because when I was 16 going on 17 years old (yes, just like the song), I had a huge amount of sad things happen in my life during this time of year. Firstly, about a week before V-day, my good friend from high school passed away in a tragic accident. At that point in my life, this was the first time that I had dealt with the loss of someone close to me, and I honestly did not know how to handle it. Then, exactly one day after Valentine’s Day of that very same year (a little over a week after my friend had died), my boyfriend at that time dumbed me. Now, he was my first “love” (if you can really call it that at that age), so I also was dealing with loss on a completely different level, still not knowing how to handle it very well. Before that year (2005 to be exact), I never remember feeling such strong dislike towards this day, but I guess those particular events turned me into the Valentine’s Day “hater” that I am.

Also, I don’t think that I actually “hate” the holiday either. Hate is a very strong word, and I don’t really like using it (maybe you could say I hate “hate,” which is kind of a viscous cycle within itself). I kind of just find Valentine’s Day to be a bit annoying. It irritates me. Honestly, I just think of it as a day I have to get through.

Last year, my wonderful boyfriend turned V-Day around for me by being the awesome guy that he is and cooking me the best dinner ever (he’s amazing), but this year we are “celebrating” V-Day an ocean apart in two different countries. Of course, this makes me sad, and its bringing back all kinds of negative emotions that I’ve felt about this time of year ever since that dreaded February 2005.

I’ve been told once before by a good friend of mine that instead of being a hater, I should think of Valentine’s Day as the one day a year where I can tell everyone that I love exactly how much I love them. Now, while this is a very sweet concept that definitely brightens up the day for me a bit, I still somehow have a hard time shaking the negative feelings away.

This year, not only will I be away from my boyfriend, but I will be pretty much shoveling my way out of the house because it is snowing like crazy all day today. Therefore, I feel like I’m just going to pass it by without even giving it much significance. That’s pretty difficult to do when the media constantly shoves it down your throat, but I feel like I have enough things to occupy myself where I don’t have to really let it bug me.

Final Thoughts: The truth is that its just another day. There doesn’t have to be anything special about it if I chose not to celebrate. Its like when people chose not to celebrate Christmas because its not a part of their religion. They have to hear about it everywhere, but they just don’t think of it as a day of any significance. This year, although I will definitely tell my boyfriend that I love him and wish him a happy day (he is my Valentine everyday), I will treat the day as if its nothing special, and that’s that. As for those of you who do wish to celebrate, more power to you. So, tomorrow I will be up to my knees in snow, and wishing you all a fabulous Valentine’s Day and/or Friday :)

Best Wishes,

The Dance Grad