I Don’t Care Nails

This post is a reluctant one, as (and I can’t stress this enough) I am not a beauty blogger. I do enjoy make up, nails and hair, and its evident on my Pinterest page, but when I get busy and distracted with other things going on in my life, most beauty related “energy” that I have goes right out the window. For instance, today I got a haircut for the first time in almost a year.

My haircut (a.k.a. just a trim because its up most of the time anyway): my new haircut | thedancegrad.com

When I was told that topic 5 for the 2014 Bloggers Challenge was all about nails, I was not a happy camper. Sometimes I get on these kicks where I do paint my nails, and then I forget to take off the polish and its becomes so chipped that it just looks like a little blob of color in the center of each nail.

Here’s a picture of what they look like now: I don't care nails

I haven’t painted them in a while because my life has bee so busy, but I did just recently cut them, which helps a lot because they don’t really get in the way or bend backwards as much. When I do paint them, I like to use colors like these:

Dark nail polish

I also like to use purples as well, but I had to leave over half of my nail polish collection (which is quite small as it is) in London because I literally couldn’t fit anything else in my suitcases (I’m not kidding. I couldn’t even squeeze in a few bottles of nail polish). When my nails are painted, I usually do it myself because I don’t really like it when strangers touch me (yes, I know I’m a little crazy. You don’t have to tell me), and the prices of manicures nowadays are pretty much ridiculous. I went to Barbizon when I was 10 years old, and we learned how to do our own manicures there, so I’m good on my own with that one.

As for my toe nails, I am not going to show you those (ew, I hate feet), but they don’t have any polish on them either. The nails are also quite short because I am always barefoot in yoga class, and I don’t think they look very attractive when the nails are long. So, I’m going to stop talking about feet now before I vomit.

Final Thoughts: So, that’s pretty much all I have to say about nails. I am jealous of all you women who have such beautifully manicured nails all the time, and maybe someday I’ll try a little harder. As of now (less than 2 days before I start my yoga teacher training), I’m perfectly fine with my I don’t care nails. Thanks for reading!

Best Wishes,

The Dance Grad