How To Get What You Want


How To Get What You Want |

So, on Fridays I post new videos on my YouTube channel! It just so happens that yesterday was Friday, and I posted a video about how to get what you want in life. In this video I share a short story of something small that happened in my life, and how it reinforced a big lesson. So… without further ado, here’s my video:


If you’d like to read my posts from day 1, day 2, day 3, & day 4 or Alex Beadon’s #feelgoodblogging challenge, then go ahead and click those links!

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Best Wishes,

Christina <3





  • Elizabeth

    Awesome message! It was great to actually see and hear you :)

    • Christina D’Arrigo

      Thanks, Liz!! Haha, I know, its so weird sometimes after I read someone’s blog for a bit & then discover their youtube videos, I always get a bit surprised by what their voice sounds like lol Thanks for the comment & thanks for watching :)

  • For Eat’s Sake

    This is great, and I love that you went the extra step and made a video!

    • Christina D’Arrigo

      Thank you, Liz! lol, I wish I could say that’s true, but I actually had made & uploaded the video already & thought it would be a good fit for today’s post. I’m hoping that’s not considered cheating lol. Thanks for watching :)

  • Sasha Holloway

    This was awesome. I mean you seriously have no idea how many people I know that would have just pulled off and been upset for more than a few minutes of their day. Like seriously, the fact that HE even understood and drove off is just as amazing. I love the delivery of your message, it was relaxed, and calm. You know as if you just need to pull the bull by the horns and keep it moving. I loved it, thank you for that reminder. I know I tend to say what is on my mind, but what I need to work on is the delivery on HOW I say it, that is what people seem to have the most problem with me with.

    • Christina D’Arrigo

      Hi Sasha! I totally agree. The delivery is definitely important. If I were to have “told him off” in a aggressive way, then it probably would have turned out very differently. Thank you so much for watching & for your comment :)

  • Tara Woodruff

    Yes We have to be Ready to Ask!

    • Christina D’Arrigo

      Thanks, Tara!! :)

  • Cori

    Loved this!
    And yes, we have to take action in order to accomplish our goals and dreams :D
    Excellent video Christina ♥
    PS. I subscribed to you channel :)

    • Christina D’Arrigo

      Thank you so much, Cori!! Hope you’re having a great weekend :) :)

  • GladyAnne

    This message is SO true!! Thanks for sharing ♥♥
    We seem to assume what will happen all too often. Sometimes we need to just ASK or DO SOMETHING! GAH I’m kind of yelling at myself here ;)

    • Christina D’Arrigo

      haha, I know right! It was such an “aha” moment for me too. I was thinking to myself, “ohhh, if I applied this concept to more things in my life, I’d probably get a lot more accomplished” lol Thanks for watching!!! :)

  • Erica Rodriguez

    That was a great video and message. I try to steer clear of confrontation also but I next time I’ll speak up if it’s worth it.

  • Torrid Boudoir Photography

    This is great! You are so right and I love that you made a vlog for this post! Great work!!!

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