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Gift Ideas for Her - The Dance Grad

As I sit here with my new hot water bottle called Cassandra in my little poorly insulated house in London, I’m listening to Christmas music (before you ask, yes, I do know that its only November) and feeling quite inspired to do some Christmas shopping!

Cassandra & I

I’m definitely someone who likes to plan ahead, and I’m also someone who loves to shop, which means that I’m the perfect person to help you scout out some excellent holiday gifts for your loved ones.

In my “Holiday Gift Idea” series I’m going to give you some gift suggestions based on different people you may need to shop for. This particular post is dedicated to the women in your life a.k.a. your female friends, mother, daughter, sister, grandmother, aunt, girlfriend, wife, etc.. Whether you yourself are male or female, we all have ladies to shop for this holiday season, so this post will have you all covered!

Let’s jump right into it!!

Helpful Accessories & Trinkets

Turbie Twist - The Dance Grad

1. My Grandma got me a gift one year that absolutely changed my entire morning shower routine! Its called the Turbie Twist, and its basically a very absorbent cone-shaped towel that you twist your hair into after a shower. It says that it dries your hair in seconds, but it doesn’t. For me, its basically just a way to keep my hair out of the way so I can get on with my post-shower routine.

Some people may think this is a bit of a lame gift, but honestly, I don’t & I love them! I wouldn’t suggest giving someone ONLY this because they’re pretty cheap at under $10 for two of them (unless you are giving it to one of your girlfriends or something, and you’re on a budget), but I’d consider it as a stocking stuffer or along with a nice plush bathrobe.

*Who I’d Buy This For: This would be an appropriate gift for your friend, mother or family member.

*Who I Would NOT Buy This For: As I don’t think this is a very romantic gift, if you’re in the early stages of a relationship, getting your girlfriend this might not be such a great idea. On the other hand, if you’ve been together for a while, live together or are married, then I’d say go for it!

*Be Careful: As with all clothing, you should be careful when trying to guess a woman’s size. If there’s any way possible to know her size beforehand, then do it. If not, be sure to get a gift receipt so she can return it if needed.


Turbie Twist & Betsey Johnson Plush Robe

2. When I moved to London about 2 and a half years ago, I discovered the wonder that is Cath Kidston. Her stuff is reminiscent of Vera Bradley, for me, with an extra floral twist. I love the items that have the colorful pattern behind a shiny plastic exterior. I think they would be perfect for a cosmetics or toiletry bag because it’ll stay clean looking for a long time. I’ve selected a couple of cosmetics bags from her collection that I think are very cute, but she also has a LOT of other bags and other items that would make excellent gifts.

Cath Kidston cosmetic bags - The Dance Grad


*Who I’d Buy This For: I would buy this for anyone really. All women in your life deserve a cute cosmetics bag!

*Be Careful: Before you buy anything from Cath Kidston, make sure its something that would fit into the recipient’s style. The floral/cutesy look isn’t for everyone, so if the person you’re buying for is a high-powered executive type of lady that only wears sleek black leather bags with Louboutin heels, you might not want to get her something that looks like this, which I find to be very cute, by the way :)


Cath Kidston Rose Bouquet Cosmetics Bag & Cath Kidston Spot Cosmetics Bag

Make it Personal

3. I love personalized things! Nothing says that you really know someone or that you’ve truly put some thought into their gift like something personalized. Whether is something like a phone case that has their name on it or a piece of jewelry with their initials, I think that if you have a close relationship with someone, then getting something personalized can be quite special.

*Who I’d Buy This For: I’d say this was an appropriate gift for a mother, daughter, significant other, close friend or family member. Depending on the type of relationship you have with that person, this can be a great way to go for their holiday gift!

*Be Careful: As with everything really, you need to make sure that what you’re getting for her fits into her style. If she like simplistic things that are solid colors or very plain, then stay away from things with too much writing or have lots going on. A good way to discover this about someone is to basically just look at the items she already owns. Check out her clothes, handbag, wallet, current phone case, etc. just to be absolutely sure you understand her style. Also, you can tell a lot about a girl’s favorite color by just looking at the things she owns. If someone came into my bedroom & looked at all of my things, they would be able to tell that my favorite color was purple right away because I have purple everything.


Personalized iPhone Case in White or in Black

Personalized Recycled Vintage Map Necklace – I thought this one was quite cool being a person who travels a lot and has loved ones all over the world!

Personalized Heart Necklace

4. Anything knit is a perfect gift for this time of year. As someone who loves to knit & crochet, last year I spent forever making everyone I know a knit snood with button details. This year- as I’ve already played that card & I’m a bit shorter on time -I have purchased all their gifts this year instead. However, if you like the idea of knit scarves for everyone, I found a knit snood that looks exactly like (probably better) than the one that I made for my friends last year.

If you’d like to go for something smaller than a scarf, I’ve always loved the idea of a knitted mug cozy. A lot of my friends & family are coffee/tea lovers, and having a knitted mug cozy not only helps to save the environment by cutting down on the use of those paper cup sleeves, but they’re also extremely cute. Just think, every time your loved one goes to have a cup of coffee or tea, they’re going to put their mug cozy around their drink and think of you! Or, they’re just going to use it so often that after a while they’ll forget who gave it to them in the first place. Either way, you’ll be getting them something that they’ll use so its a win win for everyone!

*Who I’d Buy This For: Knitted things are great for everyone. Whether is purchased or handmade, I think that something knitted of really good quality would be an excellent gift for all! Especially this time of year when we all need to keep warm!


Personalized Mug Cozy & Knitted Button Snood (looks just like the ones I made last year)

5. Touchscreen gloves are something that are very useful this time of year. Walking around in London or New York in the winter time without gloves is horrendously painful, and when you’re constantly on the go and on your phone, having the ability to keep your gloves on while you’re using your phone outside is a gift in itself. These are a fairly inexpensive option and they’re also very thoughtful, which is KEY when purchasing gifts for people.

Touchscreen Gloves - The Dance Grad*Who I’d Buy This For: This would be appropriate to get your significant other, friends or even family members.

*Who I Would NOT Buy This For: I would say away from getting this for your grandmother or any elderly person who is mainly indoors for most of the winter and doesn’t even own a touchscreen phone. And on that note…

*Be Careful: This may be a bit obvious, but make sure that the person you’re buying these for actually owns a touchscreen phone. If she still has a flip phone or phone with a keyboard, then obviously, this gift would not be practical.


Muji touchscreen gloves & North Face e-tip gloves

*Website Suggestion:

I have been a bit obsessed with this website lately (, and I actually already bought a gift for someone on here. They have some really interesting things, and they also do a lot of personalized gifts, which I’m a big fan of. I have already posted a few of my favorites from this website in this post, but its definitely worth having a look if you are still having some trouble finding the perfect gift.


6. If you know any girls like me who really love make up and beauty products, but are on a tight budget, then the Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palettes are a great luxurious gift for them that they might not have wanted to buy for themselves. All the beauty bloggers & YouTubers that I follow rave about these and use them in a lot of tutorials (stay tuned for my upcoming post on YouTubers & Bloggers I love). These palettes have some great shades that are quite versatile in that they’d be able to go from daytime to nighttime makeup very easily.

Urban Decay Naked Palette - The Dance Grad

*Who I’d Buy This For: I would find this appropriate to give your best friend or a close family member who loves makeup and/or beauty products.

*Who I Would NOT Buy This For: This is probably not the gift a guy should give his wife or girlfriend. There’s something about receiving makeup from your significant other that doesn’t feel quite right to me. Unless they specifically ask for it, of course.

*Be Careful: A lot of makeup enthusiasts already have these eyeshadow palettes, so be completely sure before you buy that the person you’re buying for does not already have these. However, it would be great if maybe they had one or two of them already, & you bought them the palette that completes their collection!

*Word on the street (more like on the internet) is that they’ve made a Naked3 palette that will be available on later this month and in Sephora, Ulta, Macy’s & online in December.


Naked basics palette , Naked Palettle & Naked 2

7. I love Bare Minerals products! I don’t see a lot of beauty bloggers or makeup artists out there using them, and I’m not too sure why. Maybe its because they have a lot of powder products (makeup experts often don’t like powders and prefer liquid makeup instead), or maybe its because there are a lot of other high end products out there that they prefer. In my opinion, I use Bare Minerals because it does not break out my skin. I think that their concealer powder does an excellent job at covering both my red spots & under eye dark circles, and they have very pretty eyeshadows for all different styles.

Bare Minerals - The Dance Grad

Another great thing about Bare Minerals is that they do a lot of box sets, which include all that you need for a certain look, often including the brushes as well.

*Who I’d Buy This For: Once again, I would probably suggest buying this for your best friend or family member.

*Who I Would NOT Buy This For: If you are a boyfriend, husband or dad, I don’t think you should buy this gift for your girlfriend, wife or daughter. If I were you, I’d stick to non-beauty related items.

*Be Careful: Whenever you are buying face makeup for someone (ie. foundation, concealer, etc.), you have to know her shade beforehand. Otherwise, make sure you get the receipt so that she can exchange it if the shade you bought does not match her skin tone.


Bare Minerals: All The Faves BoxBare Minerals: Bring on The Night Box


8. I think that if you’re looking for a romantic gift for your girlfriend, you can’t lose with jewelry. I’m the type of person that likes a mix of vintage-type jewelry and really sparkly shiny jewelry. Nothing too pink or massive/fake looking. If you know any girls like that, then try things that look like this Chunky Love Necklace. I think the gold color is really pretty. Also, I have a slight obsession with owls, and I already own 2 pairs of owl earrings that I bought for myself from Primark. These Owl Dressed Up Earrings from Modcloth would be a great mix of sparkly & vintage, which is always good.

*Who I’d Buy This For: I think that you can buy jewelry for any of the females in your life. However, jewelry as a gift should probably be reserved for the relationships in your life that are very close to your heart. I think its safe to say that if there is any version of love in that relationship- family love, best friend love, and especially romantic love -then jewelry is a good way to go.

*Who I Would NOT Buy This For: If you’re a guy giving a girl who is just your friend a piece of jewelry, it will send the wrong message. As I stated earlier, jewelry (for me) sends a very specific message that mainly is reserved for feelings involving love. If you don’t want to send that message to someone, stick to the more practical gifts that I suggested earlier in the post.

*Be Careful: As always, get a gift receipt so that if the piece of jewelry you purchased does not appeal to her style, she can exchange it for something she prefers (or if you buy online, be sure to give her the instructions on how she can send it back).


Chunky Love Necklace & Owl Earrings

Clothes & Bags

9. This time of year definitely requires a lot of sweaters (jumpers) in all different forms. Christmas sweaters are always a very cute option for this time of year to wear over jeans or leggings if the sweater covers your hips, and sweater dresses are also great for looking nice & keeping warm at the same time. As stated earlier in my Owl Earring suggestion, I think things with owls on them are adorable, so this Owl Jumper Dress is something that I would wear to Christmas or Christmas Eve dinner. Another option would be to go with this Christmas/Winter themed sweater from Modcloth. It may appear as a bit frumpy, but sometimes, “frumpy” things can look quite cute if paired with the right items.

Clothes & Bags - The Dance Grad

*Who I’d Buy This For: The two items I chose would be great for your good friend or significant other.

*Who I Would NOT Buy This For: Let’s just say that I wouldn’t buy the form fitting sweater dress for grandma. This may go without saying, but just keep it age appropriate, as all gifts should be.

*Be Careful: Always beware you don’t insult someone by getting her a larger size than she actually is. Clothing can be tricky if you don’t know someones exact sizing, so if you want to avoid awkwardness, then stick to something that does not involve guessing sizes.


Owl Jumper Dress & Christmas Sweater

10. The satchel style bags are another practical & cute gift idea. I have this bag in black, and I wear it every day. It is so basic, classy and structured, so it keeps the contents of your bag neat which I love. I also really appreciate that it has a long strap that I can wear across my body and be hands free. Its really helpful living in a big city and being able to keep your bag in front of your body while you’re out and about. You can’t be too careful when it comes to things like that! Anyway, the Cambridge Satchel Company makes these bags in lots of different sizes, but this one is the one I have.

*Who I’d Buy This For: This would be a great gift for all!

*Be Careful: As it is more on the pricy side, you may want to check out less expensive options in this style if you’re buying for a friend that you’re not very close to.


Cambridge Satchel Bag

Final Thoughts: I briefly touched upon this earlier, but the more thoughtful the gift, the better! I think that if you put really thought and effort into someone’s gift, then it will always shine through. Also, be smart about it and try to pick up on hints or think about things about that person would really like and get a lot of use out of. Gift receipts and free returns- if shopping online -are also a great way to insure that if that person doesn’t like you’re gift, they can exchange it for something that they do really like.

*If you like this post or have any other gift shopping suggestions, then leave them in the comments below. Also, be sure to share this post with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+!! As this is still a fairly new blog, all your support is greatly appreciated. Happy shopping :)

Best Wishes,

The Dance Grad