Holiday Gift Ideas: Gifts For Dancers

Holiday Gift Ideas: Gifts for Dancers

In keeping with the theme of dance and tying back to the holiday theme {if there are no dancers in your life, check out my post on Holiday Gifts For Her}, I’ve decided to list a few items that might be appropriate to get the Dancers in your life this holiday season.

Being a dancer/former dancer myself, I never actually received a lot of “dance related” gifts because I guess my family always thought of those things as necessity instead of luxury. If you are a professional dancer or dance academic, then that is very true, but there are a few “luxurious” items that are quite useful for dancers, but perhaps too much to be considered a necessity.

If you know a dancer, dance fan, or someone who wants to get into dancing, then have a look through these gift suggestions for this holiday season.

Holiday Gift Ideas For Dancers

Warm Up Clothes

Dancers need to keep warm at the beginning of a dance class in order to prepare their muscles for the intensity of the class & to prevent injury. Although you can buy cheaper warm up clothing that may do the same job, a nice gift for dancers would be decent knitwear that she or he can be proud to show off in class or even at an audition.

Warm Up Sweaters

Bloch Adult V-Neck Sweater

Capezio Classic Knits Sweater


Capezio 24″ Solid Legwarmers

Lululemon Legwarmers

A Dance Bag

Dancers need a fairly massive bag to lug all of their stuff around from class to rehearsal. They probably need to carry around their lunch, books, wallet, phone, etc. as well, so having a quality bag that they can put everything in is a great thing to have.

Pineapple Retro Kit Bag

Lululemon Sweat Once A Day Bag

Capezio Never Quit  Duffle Bag

Bloch Multi Compartment Large Dance Bag

Stage Makeup

Dancers often perform, and when they do, its important for them to have good makeup. The lights on stage are quite powerful, and without makeup, the dancer’s face gets washed out. Whether you just get her one item as a stocking stuffer, or a whole collection, I’ve listed a few items- both luxury and bargain -that I think would make excellent stage makeup.

False Eyelashes

Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow

Sonia Kashuk Eyeshadow

Marc Jacobs Red Lipstick

Sonia Kashuk Lipstick

Makeup Forever Starter Kit

NARS Holiday Blush

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Airbrush Blush

Hair Accessories

Dancers need to keep their hair back for obvious reasons. Its no fun dancing and sweating with your hair flying everywhere, especially if its really long. That’s where these items come in! I think hair accessories would be best as a stocking stuffer or supplemental gift along with something else, but they are definitely useful for your average dancer!

Basic Bobby Pins

Colorful Bobby Pins

Spin Pins – Good for ballet buns

Hair Elastics

Conair Bun Maker

Dance Clothes

Dancers need the right clothes for their classes, and they need quite a few of them. There’s no wearing your dance clothes more than once before washing because then you’ll be the smelly dancer that no one wants to stand next to in class. Don’t let your dancer be that girl! Get her some new dance clothes or warm up clothes for the holidays!

Cute Dance Tee

Lululemon Pants

Lululemon Top

Athleta Chaturanga Tight

Athleta Plié Tank

Athleta Plié Tight

Athleta Tree of Life Tunic


This may go without saying, but dance and music go hand in hand. I know suggesting an iPod may be EXTREMELY outdated, but who knows? Maybe the dancer in your life needs a musical update in her electronics collection, or maybe she never had an iPod in the first place? All I know is that having a portable device to transport your music in invaluable for a dance, especially if she or he is choreographing as well. It also might be helpful to include a connector cable for the stereo system at the studio. It also helps to connect the iPod to the car speakers as well, which is always good if your dancer drives as well.

iPod Touch

Car + Home Stereo Auxiliary AUX-IN Input Lead

1.2mm AUX-IN Cable

Dance Literature

When you’re a dancer, its not only important to practice dance, but its also important to read about it. Knowledge is power in everything that you do, and for someone who is serious about dance (most likely younger dancers just starting out), these books on dance are great for learning more about how the world of dance and how to succeed in it.

Inspired To Dance

The Dance Bible: The Complete Resource for Aspiring Dancers

Starting Your Career As A Dancer


An extremely helpful gift for a dancer or choreographer to receive would be a camera with video capabilities. Being able to film yourself dancing or film your choreography nowadays is vital to a successful dance career, and I’m not just saying that because I make dance films. It is important for professional dancers/choreographers to have a website AND a reel showcasing & highlighting their strengths in dance. Having a camera with decent filming capabilities is absolutely necessary for all dancers!

HD FlipCam

Kodak Video Camera


Choreography Journal

If your dancer is choreographing at all, which most dancers do, then I’d suggest getting them a quality choreography journal! It can be a place where they write down ideas for dance pieces, note down movement that they are having a hard time remembering or even combinations from class that they need to remember. As a stocking stuffer, I think a nice journal like one listed below is always a great gift.


Green “Enviromentally Friendly” Notebooks

“I Hope You Dance” Journal

Dance Class Card or Membership

And last but certainly not least, give them the gift of DANCE! Dance class can be extremely expensive, especially on a dancer’s salary (not much, if any). Dancers need to keep practicing their art form throughout all stages of their career, and giving them a few classes, a week pass, monthly pass or even an annual pass to a dance studio can be a huge help to them physically and financially.

Here is a list of dance studios that I personally know of in big cities that I’ve been to:


Steps on Broadway

Broadway Dance Center

Dance New Amsterdam


Alvin Ailey




Siobhan Davies

Greenwich Dance




San Francisco:


*If the city that you live in is not listed here, then you can always do a Google search of dance studios in your area or simply ask the dancer you’re buying for where their favorite place to dance is. I’m sure they won’t guess that you’re planning on buying them dance classes, but I know they will definitely appreciate it more than you know!

Final Thoughts: I know dancers can be difficult to buy for, especially if you aren’t one yourself. I hope that my suggestions helped to give you a little insight into what the dancers in your life might want/need for the holidays this year. Let me know if you have any other suggestions for dancer gifts or if you liked this post in the comments below. You can also contact me through any of the methods listed on my contacts page.


Happy Shopping!! :)


Best Wishes,

The Dance Grad