Holiday Gift Guide for Yoga Lovers

Its that time of year! Time to shop for gifts! Lately, I have been very interested in all things related to yoga because that has been my main focus over the past year as a new teacher & ongoing yoga student! Therefore, I thought that I should put together a gift guide of a few things that every yoga-loving-girl would LOVE to receive as a holiday gift this year! So, check out my favorite gift items for yoginis! 

Holiday Gift Guide for Yoga Lovers  |

Pre-Yoga Class

Before class, yoginis want to feel warm and comfortable, especially in the colder months of the year. We generally need clothes that we can wear over our leggings and other yoga clothes, and we need to be able to take it off easily when we arrive at the studio. Check out my list of pre-yoga-class-friendly items that your yoga buddies will highly enjoy!

Juliette Beanie |

Juliette Beanie by Pistil

Athlet Hurdle Hoodie

Athleta Hurdle Hoodie Sweatshirt

city_be_true_pant |

Athleta City Be True Pant

Yoga Tools & Props

Yogis & yoginis mean serious business when it comes to practicing. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy practicing with tools and props that are also adorable & fun! Our mat doesn’t have to be the boring blue color that they use to only come in (long-time yogis will know what I’m talking about there), and we often get inspired to practice even MORE if we have beautiful things to look at while we do so. Check out my list below of cute, fun, and beautiful yoga props and tools that any yogi (mainly female yoginis) will love!

bamboo_glass_waterbottle |

Orla Kiely Bamboo Glass Waterbottle

yogamat_bag |

Orla Kiely by Gaiam Yoga Mat Bag

yoga_bag |

Orla Kiely Yoga Bag

Orla Kiely by Gaiam Yoga Block

Orla Kiely by Gaiam Yoga Block

sunflower_yogamat |

Orla Kiely by Gaiam Sunflower Yoga Mat

Yoga Wear

Personally, I LOVE leggings that I can wear both in yoga class and out. I am obsessed with the Athleta Chaturanga Tights because I have a pair of my own, and I wear them the most out of all my leggings. They are just so flippin’ comfortable, and every yogini should have a pair of awesome leggings like these. I also picked out a couple of chaturanga leggings with new print that I haven’t seen before as well as comfortable yet supportive bras and yoga tops!

uptempo_blossom_bra |

Athleta Up-Tempo Blossom Bra

Athleta Shimmer Stripe Namaste Tank

Athleta Shimmer Stripe Namaste Tank

Athleta Summer Chi Tank

Athleta Summer Chi Tank


Athleta Reflective Power Lift Tight

shimmer_stripe_tight |

Altheta Shimmer Stripe Tight

gleam_tight |

Athleta Gleam Tight

heartbeat_chaturanga_tight |

Athleta Heartbeat Chaturanga Tight

Post-Yoga Class

After yoga class (depending on the class), we feel refreshed, and we want to continue experiencing that wonderful feeling while wearing comfortable and warm clothes! We also have other things to do where we might want to look cute and NOT like we just sweated our heinies off for 2 hours. Check out these cute options that I picked out for after practice.

ballet_flat |

Athleta Samara Muted Metallic Ballet Flat by Yosi Samra

skye_snood |

Athleta Skye Snood

saturday_sweater |

Athleta Saturday Sweater

adi_mudra_sweater |

Athleta Cashmere Adi Mudra Sweater  

casmalia_sweater |

Athleta Cashmere Casimalia Sweater

cashmere_league_pant |

Athleta Cashmere League Pant

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, and I hope to see you here again soon!

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  • Lina

    Haha, my mom got me a Yoga block last year and I basically didn´t know what to do with it. Now I use it every week :) I guess she knows me better than I do.

    • Christina D’Arrigo

      I know what you mean! I got my first yoga blocks with a set that I bought a long time ago, and I had no idea what to do with them, but after I learned more about it, I realized how much better it is to practice with props!! Thank you for your comment :)

  • Kathryn Jessogne

    love this!! I don’t get a chance to do yoga often but still LOVE to look like I go a lot! Love the post! ;)

    • Christina D’Arrigo

      haha, that’s awesome! The clothes are definitely cute & comfortable, so I don’t blame you at all lol! Thanks for your comment :)

  • Kat Khatibi

    Great picks! I have some yoga loving friends and these are some great choices for them! Thanks for posting! :)

    • Christina D’Arrigo

      Thanks, Kat!! I’m glad you like them!! They are all so cute!! I’m hoping that one of my friends or family members looks at this post & takes the hint lol ;)

  • Vicky

    I LOVE Athleta so I see several things here that I really need! :) Great list…I do hog off & on and have have done so for years and agree with everything you picked! :)

    • Christina D’Arrigo

      Thank you, Vicky! Athleta is amazing!! There stuff is just so perfect for my style & their chaturanga leggings are honestly the best ones that I own!! If you don’t have a pair of those already, I highly highly recommend those :)

  • Julie May

    I love it all!!! You know what stinks though, there aren’t many places that make plus size yoga wear. I LOVE yoga and it means a lot to me to be totally comfortable when Im doing it. But because of the lack of choices for me, I’m never really able to move freely. If I ever “get rich” that’s what I’m going to do. Create a comfortable line for us larger girls who love yoga too! :)

    • Christina D’Arrigo

      I totally get that! The plus size range for a lot of the yoga clothing manufacturers are super limited!! I do often see that Athleta has some of their clothing in plus size only, though. They don’t have everything, but they do have a number of tanks, hoodies, and leggings specifically in plus sizes. But that is a great idea, and I would definitely support you in making a comfortable plus size yoga clothing line when you get rich! I’ll help you design it as well!! :D

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