Happy Monday: Things to Be Happy About Today!

Things to be happy about Today! - The Dance Grad

Well, Monday has rolled around yet again, and since its everyone’s least favorite day of the week, I’d like to try and help you feel a little bit better. Here is a list of 5 things to be happy about… TODAY! Hopefully they help you get through your Monday!!!

Five Things To Be Happy About Today

1. 29 Days until Christmas

Xmas Clock - The Dance Grad

{Xmas Clock}

2. Two Days until Thanksgiving

Turkey! - The Dance Grad

{Gotta get the turkey ready!!}

3. You have a short week of work this week (if you live in America)!

Short work week; Thanksgiving 2013 - The Dance Grad

4. Since the holiday season is upon us, we have a valid excuse to shop- for gifts, of course!

{check out my first Holiday Gift Guide & get shopping :)}


5. And last but not least, these guys exist!


Cute Puppies - The Dance Grad


Happy Monday!


Best Wishes,

The Dance Grad