Get Noticed! Blog Awards

Introducing the very first annual Get Noticed! Blog Awards!!! A NEW blog award competition acknowledging up & coming blogs that deserve more recognition!

I was inspired to create the Get Noticed! Awards when I noticed that Cosmo UK was holding a blog awards competition, but it wasn’t open to USA bloggers. Since I really wanted to participate, but couldn’t because of my current location, I began to look for other competitions like Cosmo UK’s, but my options were fairly limited. The Bloggies were already over for 2014, and the others were designed for very specific topics that don’t necessary apply to my own lifestyle-type blog where I discuss a wide variety of topics. There’s the Liebster award that I’ve seen here and there on Bloglovin’, but there is some sort of chain nomination system required for that one. Long story short, I wanted to create a place where bloggers from everywhere & anywhere can nominate each other, and then eventually vote for their favorites to win. I also wanted to create new and fun award categories to reflect the creative nature of the blogging community.

Get Noticed! Blog Awards |

This is a great place to build more supportive relationships with other likeminded bloggers, and of course, to Get Noticed & gain the recognition that your blog deserves. The awards are all in fun, and its yet another way to recognize each other for how great & talented we bloggers are!

Award Categories:

1. Most Creative Blog

(i.e. a blog that uses their creativity in every aspect from posting to web design)

2. Most Unique Blog

(i.e. this blog thinks outside the box & is literally like no other)

3. Funniest Blog

(i.e. a blog that guarantees a good laugh)

4. Quirkiest Blog

(i.e. a blog that is really, really good at being awesomely weird)

5. Yummiest Foodie Blog

(i.e. a blog that posts delicious recipes or food inspiration)

6. Most Diverse Blog Topics

(i.e. a blog that covers a wide array of topics)

7. Prettiest Blog

(i.e. the most cutesy, lovely, visually appealing blog out there)

8. Most Organized Blog

(i.e. everything from their posts to their menus are in tip-top shape)

9. Most Noteworthy Blog

(i.e. a blog that is so awesome that is just deserves some recognition)

10. Best Newbie Blog

(i.e. an amazing blog that is less than one year old)


How It Works

~You will have until June 30, 2014 to nominate a blog (or multiple blogs) of your choice in the form below.

~On July 1, 2014, the nominees for each category will receive a badge that they can display on their blogs wherever they choose (sidebar, in a post, etc.), & viewers will be able to vote for their blog to win in their respective categories. The voting polls will close on July 31, 2014.

~Winners for each category will be announced by August 1, 2014, and will receive a badge, which they can proudly display wherever they see fit.



1. The blog you nominate must have posted within the past 30 days.

2. Each blog can only be nominated for one category. Seriously, folks ONE CATEGORY. Thank you :)

3. You must submit a valid URL, or your blog will not be considered.

4. The blogger you nominate must accept their nomination, and agree to participate in the competition.

5. You can and should nominate your own blog.

**Sorry, these rules are NOT meant to be broken.*

*Check out the nominee list & vote for your favorites here*

So get out there & spread the word! The more bloggers & readers that know about this, the better! Let’s do this!!!

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Best Wishes,

The Dance Grad