Get Back Into Shape Fitness Challenge: Day 1 of 24

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Get Back Into Shape Day 1

As a dance academic, sometimes keeping my body in shape is a serious problem. Since I have been studying and writing about dance instead of actually doing it, I am definitely not as fit as I use to be, hence this challenge.

Questions you may have:

What is the “Get Back Into Shape Fitness Challenge” exactly?

Over the next 8 weeks (3 days per week = 24 days), I will be regaining my stamina through running and rebuilding my flexibility through yoga and other stretching/strengthening exercises. I will be recording my progress and sharing it all with you!

Why am I not taking dance class as a part of the challenge?

Dance class costs money. I am trying to prove to myself (and everyone else) that I don’t have to pay money to stay in shape and have the dancer body that I once had. I will hopefully be taking dance classes some time in the near future, but in terms of this particular “challenge,” I am going to do it all for free!

Is this about weight loss?

For me, this is not about weight loss. Yes, since I’ve stopped dancing full time, I have definitely gained a few pounds, but its nothing that I am concerned about. My main concern for this challenge is rebuilding strength and stamina, which are two things that have been deteriorating in my body over the past 3 years. Therefore, I will not be including any type of weight log throughout this process. What I will be doing is recording my progress of time spent running and the increase in difficulty of my strengthening exercises.

Even though the challenge is not directed towards weight loss, can it be used for that anyway?

I believe that it can be used for weight loss as well. I think a regular exercise schedule combined with a healthy and balanced diet will definitely produce weight loss results, and exercise is good for you! Give it a try, and let me know what you think!!

Should I take this challenge along with you?

Of course you should! The more the merrier, and please share your progress as well in the comment box below!!

Ok, lets get down to business:

Day 1:

I decided to start the process by running for about 50 minutes this morning. Of course that is a long time to run if one has a very low stamina level as I do, so I decided to start slow.

Here’s what I did:

1. I started with a brisk walk to warm up (it was pretty cold outside this morning) for about 15 mins.

2. I then alternated between 1 minute of light jogging and 5 minutes of a brisk walking 4 times.

3. Finally, I walked for another 10 minutes to cool down.

I got the idea from this “Get Started With Running” article.

Ultimately, I walked/jogged about 2.4 miles, which isn’t too bad for my first time out. To be honest, I was pretty tired after each 1 minute jog, but alternating it with the walking was a less painful way to begin building it up to a full run. I am trying not to be too hard on myself at this point because it would just bring me down and staying positive is extremely important when trying to do something like this. Afterwards, I felt really good and energized enough to start my day. It also felt good to take a hot shower after running in the cold for a while.


Final Thoughts: I hope that this post gave you inspiration to start your own “Get Back Into Shape Challenge,” or even join me on mine! Please come back and check out what I’ll be doing for Day 2! Wish me luck :)


Best Wishes,

The Dance Grad


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