Fitness Challenge: Yoga On Your Own

Fitness Challenge ~ Yoga On Your Own

This post is a bit late, but better late than never, right? Anyway, for Week 6 of my Fitness Challenge, I’ve decided to mainly do yoga at home. Surprisingly, it was still a great workout since I knew how to push myself. Being someone who has been doing yoga for a while, although my body is out of shape {getting better though ;)}, I am still aware of the correct ways to do the poses, and I don’t really need much assistance in that area (except for the picture above where I’m falling out of the pose lol). For people who are new to yoga, if you would like to get serious about practicing on a regular basis, I strongly believe that you should attend classes with an instructor who has the ability to assist you in performing the poses correctly. Even if you are practicing regularly at home, if you are doing the poses incorrectly, you could actually injure yourself, which would not be beneficial for you at all (for obvious reasons). My advice would be to begin your practice with an instructor in class, and then after you’ve grasped a general understanding of how to perform the poses the right way, you can begin your practice at home.

So, since that was such a long winded explanation, I’ll get right into my activity log for last week.

Fitness Challenge ~ Days 16 – 18 ~ Activity Log

Day 16 ~ Yoga at home

Video Links: Yoga For Beginners Series, Energizing Yoga Series

Day 17 ~ More Yoga at Home

Video Links: Quite a few videos from the Tone It Up Bikini Series

Day 18 ~ And Yet More Yoga at Home

  • I did a mix of the videos in the links listed above for about an hour.

Final Thoughts: I realize that I haven’t been running as much, but I’ve been trying to prevent getting sick due to my big trip coming up (see future posts for more information on that). I will probably be doing a run this week since it is supposed to be fairly warm (for this time of year), but I only have two more weeks (including this current week) of my fitness challenge!! Of course I will be continuing on my journey to become more physically active while I’m not dancing on a regular basis, but I probably won’t be blogging about it as regularly. I will, however, be posting about milestones and important fitness issues as I see fit (pun intended), so even after the fitness challenge is completed, keep checking back regularly to see more fitness related posts!! :)

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