Fitness Challenge: Yoga Class

Fitness Challenge: Yoga Class ~ Days 10 to 12

For my Fitness Challenge this week- days 10 through 12 -I have been slightly against running outdoors because it is getting pretty cold outside. It turns out that when I run outside in the cold, I develop a pretty chesty cough, which is quite unpleasant (probably means I’m breathing incorrectly). In keeping with the theme of exercise being free, I have come across the opportunity (through my current job) to attend free yoga classes twice a week! For the third day, I basically braved the cold and ran for about 20 minutes.

For those of you who are following my progress and are thinking, “Well, I don’t have access to free yoga class, so how can I follow along without having to pay for classes?” To that, I say YouTube! I have a recent obsession with YouTubers lately, and there are some really great fitness channels out there that provide you with exercises and techniques that you can do at home while watching their videos. After my fitness activity log, I will provide links to a few YouTube channels that I think will be great for you to follow along & work out at home during these colder months!

 Fitness Challenge Activity Log ~ Days 10 – 12

Day 10: Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is basically a Bikram style yoga class performed in a heated room, but not as hot as a Bikram class would be, which is 40.6 degrees celsius or 105 degrees fahrenheit. It is great for the colder months of the year, in my opinion, because the extremely warm room is more than welcomed.

Day 11: Forrest Yoga

I have never done or even heard of Forrest Yoga before, but its basically a Hatha yoga class with a lot of emphasis on abdominal work and releasing/not holding tension in the neck with slightly altered poses. Although Hatha yoga is not my absolute favorite type of yoga to do (Vinyasa flow is my favorite), I did enjoy the abdominal work and the focus on inversions (handstands, headstands or going upside down). Inversion work can often be quite scary, especially for people who are not familiar with being upside down, but once you get the hang of things (pun intended; with me, puns are always intended), its a great feeling and can be really beneficial.

Day 12: 20 Minute Run

1. One to two full minutes of jumping jacks indoors (too cold to warm up outside).

2. Full run, as hard & fast as I can, for as long as possible (almost 2 minutes I think, not properly timing myself).

3. Brisk walk to catch my breath (1 to 3 minutes).

4. Full run, once again, for as long as possible.

5. Brisk walk to catch my breath (1 to 3 minutes).

6. Light jog home (about 4 minutes).

Fitness YouTube Channels for Workouts At Home

Ekhart Yoga

She provides a whole range of full length free yoga videos that you can follow along with at home. If you’re a beginner, the “twisty” looking thumbnail photos you’ll see at first will probably be intimidating, but I definitely suggest going for a vinyasa flow video or her yoga for beginners series.

Tone It Up

This is a very nicely put together YouTube channel with fitness videos as well as videos with health & beauty tips. Have a browse through their videos or check out their yoga & stretching playlist that they put together!

Final Thoughts: If any of you have any suggestions as to how you may prevent coughing after running in the cold, please leave them in the comments below, or message me through any of these contact methods here. Thank you so much for checking out my post and visiting my site! Please comment and let me know what you think! Also, I’d absolutely love it if you would like my facebook page, follow me on twitter or even pinterest! Thanks again!

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