Fitness Challenge: Seeing Results

FItness Challenge- Seeing Results

As I reach the last couple of weeks of my fitness challenge, I am finally starting to notice a difference in my strength, stamina and flexibility. I am also noticing a slight difference in my physique, which I had not originally intended, but I’m not complaining about it either. For example, in the hot vinyasa flow class that I attended on day 19 of the challenge, I was able to complete all of the class’s vinyasa flow sequences without feeling overly exhausted. After the class, I felt more refreshed and invigorated instead of feeling tired.

In my previous post, I explained the benefits of doing hot yoga classes regularly. Since I have been adding these in as a part of my fitness challenge, I have definitely noticed these benefits taking effect. Since hot yoga provides more of a cardiovascular workout than other types of yoga, I feel that my stamina throughout the class has greatly improved. Running, however, is a completely different story.

I am still having some trouble with running outdoors without feeling like the cold is negatively effecting my lungs. I also still feel as if I can’t run for very long without needing to stop. I am starting to believe that some people are born to run, and some people are not. I personally am not one of those people. I will certainly continue to try implementing runs into my workout routines, but since it is genuinely unenjoyable for me, I’m not sure how often I’ll actually want to do them.

Fitness Challenge: Days 19 – 21 ~ Activity Log

Day 19 & 20 ~ Hot Flow Class

These two classes were Hot Flow Express, meaning that they were 1 hour each and they consisted of a slightly shortened version of the normal hot flow class. I do not like to stay in the heat for over an hour due to the negative effects that are said to be connected with doing hot yoga. Potentially, when I get even stronger, I may go back to doing full hot flow classes (about 1 hour & 30 minutes), but as of now, I’m sticking to the express version.

Day 21 ~ Jog

As I said earlier, I have not been doing so well with my outdoor runs, so I decided to do a jog instead.

-I warmed up first by doing crunches & ab exercises in the house for about 15 minutes.

-Then I went out and jogged lightly for about 10 minutes.

-Then I did a 5 minute brisk walk to cool down.

Final Thoughts: After my previous week, its nice to finally start seeing some results. I knew if I kept pushing through, then eventually something would come out of it.

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