Fitness Challenge: Getting Into a Routine

Getting Into A Fitness Routine

For me, last week of my 24 Day Fitness Challenge was all about trying to get into a routine. As someone who doesn’t have a real routine at the moment in terms of work, I have to create one for myself revolving around my very random and a bit scattered life. Therefore, I found that exercising in the mornings work best for me, and its a lot easier to coordinate the rest of my day if my exercise routine is completed by around 11AM or earlier. For others that may be reading this- who have full-time jobs -my personal morning workout time is probably not going to work for you. However, it may be possible for you to build a routine around exercising after or before work. A few women I encounter at my job are very interested in a particular workout class that begins at 6:45AM and ends by 7:30AM. This way, their exercise for that day is taken care of before they even begin work! Personally, this concept works for me, but if you’re not a morning person (a lot of people I know aren’t), then perhaps exercising after work or school is the right way to go. Building a routine that is right for you is all about knowing what type of person you are and working around your schedule.

As for my progress last week, I believe that I am now able to jog for three solid minutes without feeling like I desperately need to stop. Here is my exercise log for Days 6 through 9:

1. As usual, I warm up by briskly walking for about 10 minutes until I begin to break a sweat.

2. Then I alternated between jogging for 3 minutes and walking for 1 to 2 minutes for about 3 times.

3. I then cooled down by briskly walking home from my local park (about a 5 minute walk).

4. Once I got home, I completed 4 energizing yoga sun salutations (I posted the video in my previous post: Days 4 & 5).


Easing Into A Routine

Completing these same 4 actions in the same order for four days in a row allowed me to get into a routine, which helped to ease that “dreading feeling” that I often get when I know I have to exercise. It became a part of my day, which helped me to stay motivated! I highly recommend getting into a routine if you are trying a fitness challenge of your own. It will not only get you through the workout in a more efficient manner, but it will also keep you on track in terms of reaching your goals. Unless…


Life Happens, As Usual

I completed this routine for four days of last week instead of 3 as I normally would have. This was to make up for a lost day the week before so that I could remain on track to complete my Fitness Challenge in exactly 8 weeks as planned! Unfortunately, this current week, life happened yet again! Since I was away in Poland for the past three days and suffered a return of my pilonidal cyst (not fun times), I still have yet to exercise this week, and its already Wednesday! So, despite my efforts to stay on track, it looks like my 8 week challenge will be postponed after all. However, I am now even more motivated to continue regaining my strength and stamina!

Final Thoughts: Although this week provided a bit of a set back, I am still very motivated to continue on my mission! I will be continuing with my fitness challenge as soon as I’m feeling better. As usual, I’ll keep you posted!

Best Wishes,

The Dance Grad