Fitness Challenge: Overcoming Tiredness

Fitness Challenge: Overcoming Tiredness

We all know the feeling. The alarm goes off in the morning and you can barely open your eyes. The thought of getting up to go for a run or take a yoga class is beyond unthinkable. So, as you may be able to tell by the title of this post, this week has been a bit of a struggle for me because I have been extremely tired for some reason. I have tried to basically fight my own body to get past the feeling of sleepiness. Although I did succeed in completing the 3 days this week, it was probably the most painful part of the challenge yet!

For Days 13, 14 & 15 of my Fitness Challenge, I basically have been incorporating the same elements from the previous weeks, but its not getting much easier at this point. I’m hoping that I haven’t reached a plateau of some sort where I don’t see much improvement for a while.

However, I’ve also realized that I’m pretty much at the half way point of the 24 Day Challenge! YAAYY!! Although I’m not seeing much of an improvement right now, I’m still hopeful that things will continue to get better through the next 4 weeks of the challenge.

Fitness Challenge Activity Log ~ Days 13 to 15

Day 13: Hot Flow Yoga

A Hot Flow Yoga class is basically a Vinyasa Flow class in a heated room. The room for hot yoga is not as hot as a Bikram class (as stated in my previous post here), but it is still fairly hot.

*Stay Healthy Tips:

1. When you take any yoga class that is classified as “Hot Yoga” or especially “Bikram Yoga” make absolutely sure that you hydrate yourself before, during & after the class. I made the mistake in this class of not properly hydrating during the day before the class, and I felt nauseated and very faint. If you do ever feel this way during a hot yoga class, step out of the room until you catch your breath and are feeling normal again. Then you can return to the class and moderate your movement to accommodate how you’re feeling.

2. Poses that you can revert to mid-class if you feel that you can’t take the intensity are Downward Dog and Child’s Pose. These are poses of rest, but they also keep you engaged while you catch your breath so you can continue with the class when you’re feeling better.

Days 14 & 15: A Light Jog

  1. One to two minutes of jumping jacks indoors (too cold to warm up outside)
  2. Alternate between 2 minutes of brisk walking and light jogging of 3 to 4 minutes (as I said earlier in the post, my low energy level got the best of me).
  3. Briskly walk for another 10 minutes to cool down.

Tips on Overcoming Tiredness

  • Its all a mental game. If your energy levels are low, but you know that you have to get up to exercise- it may sound cheesy -but just keep telling yourself that you can do it because YOU CAN!
  • Wash your face. Splashing water on your face is refreshing and it will help to invigorate you enough to get you moving!
  • Drink cold water. I know this may not sound very appealing this time of year because its so flippin cold outside, but taking a few swigs of cold water is another way to refresh and revitalize yourself so you can get on with your day, or in my case, your fitness challenge.


Final Thoughts: We all knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but its always important to keep going through the pain. Tiredness is something that can be overcome, and its vital that we do so in order to see any results. Although the start of this post sounded a bit on the negative side, I still am fairly positive about the Fitness Challenge, and I’m looking forward to getting stronger in the near future.


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