Fitness Challenge – Get Back Into Shape: Day 3 of 24

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Fitness Challenge Day 3

The difference in difficulty between Day 2 and Day 3 was tremendous. My legs are extremely tired, and this was partly because of two main reasons: 1) I’ve upped the intensity of my running, and 2) I had a few extra days of “rest” that were not originally intended in between runs. As for number 2, life happens, and you just have to roll with it, so here I am. In terms of number 1 (the first reason I listed), I will describe my actions to you right now! Woohooo!!

Day 3 Exercise Log

1. I began, as usual, by briskly walking for about 10 minutes.

2. I did a full on, completely full force run for 1 minute (this was quite difficult).

3. I then alternated between what I would describe as a medium jog or maybe a light run of 1 minute and a brisk walk of 2 minutes about 5 times each.

[To break that down for you, it was: 1 minute= light run, 2 minutes= brisk walk, and repeat 5 times.]

4. I then briskly walked home, which ended up being a little less than 10 minutes in order to cool down.

For the moments where I was running, it was very difficult for me stamina wise. I ended up traveling about 3 miles in total, which was a little less than what I did on Day 2, but the intensity and intervals of the running was increased. I definitely feel a lot more soreness in my legs. My inner thighs and hamstrings are feeling it the most, and my calves are feeling it a little. I did some hamstring stretching in the middle of my 5 day running hiatus, so I believe that is the main reason for the soreness of my hamstrings. Overall, I can feel a minor difference in strength and stamina, but its very small. I still have TONS of work to do! I mean, its only Day 3! 21 days to go!!

Hope you’re following along with me and enjoying my posts on this topic. Don’t forget to leave me some comments below with your thoughts, progress on your own fitness challenges, etc. I’d LOVE to hear from you :) Have a lovely day, and check back very soon for my Day 4 post where I’ll be adding in a few yoga poses after my run!!


Best Wishes,

The Dance Grad

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