Finding My Passion

When I graduated from college, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to move to London, get my Master’s degree in choreography, and then find a job at a university as a professor of dance. That was the plan, and there was no deterring away from that exact plan. I’ve always been that way, though. Once I set my mind to something, there’s absolutely no turning back.

Finding My Passion |

So that’s what I did. I got into a graduate program in London, I received a partial scholarship and got a loan for the rest, and then I left. I knew that during the two years of graduate school I wanted to travel, but I had absolutely no idea that I would travel as much as I did. Throughout those two and half years that I was away, I traveled to 17 countries in total. Most of which I had never been to before. I learned so much, and I became a completely different person.

When I came back to the US, I knew that teaching at a university was no longer something I felt drawn to, at least not in the immediate future. I wanted to help people find their happiness and be the best people they could be. I wanted to do something that was beneficial for the mind, the body, and the soul. That’s when I decided to do my yoga teacher training.

I decided to do the whole first 200 hour yoga teacher training within the span of one month. Honestly, it was the best and most difficult month of my life all at the same time. I came out of it, not only being able to teach this wonderful discipline to the world, but I also learned even more about myself as a being on this planet. Even though everyone kept saying, “Its so hard finding yoga teaching jobs right after your 200 hour.” I knew without a doubt in my mind that something would come along. So, about a week after my teacher training ended (before I even received my certificate in the mail), I got not one but two yoga teaching jobs. It was exactly what I was meant to be doing, and the universe had made that perfectly clear to me.

I am motivated by my students in class every time that I teach. I am so happy that I get the opportunity to bring this wonderful gift to whoever I can. People in our society need yoga so much its not even funny. Not only the yoga asanas, but every single part of it. I want to help bring awareness to whoever will listen. Yoga is for everyone, and we all need it. It completely nourishes every single part of you; mind, body, and spirit. The word yoga itself means union, and it truly provides that for all who practice.

So, the moral of this story is not that yoga is my passion. My passion is bringing people closer to their happiness. I am fortunate enough to be a yoga teacher and use this as a method of helping whoever comes to my classes (or watches my videos online), but whether its teaching yoga, writing, vlogging, or smiling at someone on the street, I just want to make people happy. I want to help people find their happiness within themselves however I can, and through this, I will continue to find my own happiness as well.

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