Don’t Treat Your Body Like A Dump!

So, I was in the kitchen snacking on a raw cocoa and goji berry energy bar (one of my new favorites found during the final 2 days of my No Sugar Challenge), and I heard a loud female voice coming from the TV in the next room. It said, “Just dump on the good stuff! Chocolate chips, marshmallows, even chocolate cookies! Bake and voila! The best dessert ever!” This, of course, caught my attention (my good-old sugar addiction beckoned me to the TV at that point), and I went to see what this lady was talking about. 

It was this:

It was an infomercial for a cookbook called Dump Cake, and no, I’m not kidding. Maybe I’ve been living in Europe for too long or I’ve been living under a rock or something, but as this is the first time I’ve heard of this “Dump Cake,” I was a bit shocked. Since I’ve been a LOT more health conscious over the past four weeks due to my No Sugar Challenge (no added sugar, flour, or anything processed for 4 weeks straight), I was definitely taken aback by some of the recipes that this woman was describing. One of them actually had a can of soda as one of the ingredients. Then she went on to say, “Or you can use diet for a guilt free desert.” What?! I’ve been reading so much about healthy eating and absorbing all of this information about what I should and shouldn’t put in my body, and it physically pained me to see that people would think that any can of soda in your food or in your body at all should make you feel “guilt free” for some reason. First of all, you shouldn’t be feeling guilt towards eating, period. Second of all, whether its regular or diet soda, the calories may be less, but the way that your body reacts to that added sweetener along with the carbonation of the beverage is exactly the same. Anyway, more on that another time. 

This got me thinking a bit about why more people don’t try and learn more about healthy eating, and also why more people don’t just try to eat more healthily in general. Then it brought me to the idea that its all about timing. What’s appealing to people about this “Dump Cake” concept is that its something that people can do quickly, with little to no effort, and then have a meal or a sweet treat in minutes! With everyone’s busy schedules, crazy lives, hectic jobs, no one has time to go to the health food store and plan out their meals each week. They want easy and tasty meals that they can prepare and consume as quickly as physically possible.

Another major issue (maybe even more major than the fact that no one has enough time) is that all the ingredients in something like a “Dump Cake” are cheap and really easy to find. All of the ingredients needed to make something healthy and organic may not be harder to find, but are a bit more pricy and take a lot more effort to cook. 

Don't Treat Your Body Like A Dump! |

So we have two major problems here: time and money. I know we’ve ALL heard or read this before, and this is not news to anyone. In fact, here is a Google search that proves just how many times this subject has been discussed. Not only that, but these other writers came up with a whole bunch of other reasons why we’re not eating healthier, which are all completely valid as well. I’m just here as someone who’s just seen the light, reiterating a point that so badly needs to be made. I’m not only trying to make the point, but I’m here to BEG you! I am going to actually ask you from the bottom of my heart, please don’t think that eating the way that is described in the Dump Cake cookbook is good for you by any means. There are obstacles in everyone’s lives that prohibit them from doing the things that lead them towards self-improvement, and they mainly derive from the path of least resistance (any Yogi can tell you that). However, all you have to do is try. Put it in your mind, implant it into your brain, that you can do it because its just that, you CAN! Seriously, you really, really can! It may not be easy (my sugar addicted demon eats away at me every single day), but it is absolutely 100% possible. There is no reason for anyone to believe that what you put in your body- what fuels you to keep on living -should in any way shape or form be associated with a dump or dumping of any kind. Don’t treat your body like a dump because that’s exactly where that type of food belongs… in the dump!

Best Wishes,

The Dance Grad