Dealing With Sugar Cravings | No Sugar Challenge Week 2

Today, I am halfway into week 3 of my No Sugar Challenge, but let me tell you, week 2 was really difficult for me. Far more difficult than the first week for some reason, and I currently am getting over a really bad cold, which made giving up sugar even harder. 

Week 2 of The No Sugar Challenge

When I began this challenge two weeks ago, I was under the impression that it would get progressively easier as time passed, and my cravings would be less-intense by week two. Well, I was unpleasantly surprised when I found that my sugar-cravings (that were almost nonexistent during week one) were even more intense than before. 

Dealing With Sugar Cravings | No Sugar Challenge | Week 2

Dealing With Sugar Cravings

I haven’t been dealing with the cravings very well. I’ve been pretty moody, and it was also “that time of the month” so it intensified my levels of hunger and my emotions for the majority of the week. Then I got a really bad cold, which I’m still getting over. I unfortunately had to take cold medicine, which had some sort of sugar in it because it was the syrupy kind from the bottle. I only took it twice, though, so hopefully it didn’t interrupt my detox too severely (not quite sure how that works, though). 

The cold and my monthly visitor made my cravings so so bad that I made myself a “hot chocolate” one morning. I used heated unsweetened almond milk and natural cocoa powder. Then I tasted it, and it was so so bitter still that I couldn’t handle it. I then added 1.5 teaspoons of pure stevia in powder form. I know I said before that I wasn’t going to use an sweeteners at all for the entire four weeks, but I was craving it so intensely that I felt like I HAD to have it. I haven’t had any other sweetened things since, and the only “bad” think I had this week was a half of a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread because it was all that was available to me at that time for lunch. 

Other than those few instances, I’ve been eating pretty well. I have been eating a lot of spinach and kale (both cooked and raw), a lot of carrots, peppers, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, chicken, turkey, low fat mozzarella, homemade tomato sauce, strawberries, blackberries, plain Greek yogurt, cashews, natural cashew butter, celery sticks, cucumbers, avocados, pistachios, soy beans, chickpeas, and some brown rices & potatoes (not too often).

Usually, if I’m craving sugar, I just eat some nuts or low fat mozzarella with homemade tomato sauce, and I feel fine. Also, drinking a lot of water helps me to feel more full, which suppresses the cravings a bit as well. 

How I’m Feeling

At the end of the two week mark, I was feeling pretty awful because of my cold. I don’t know what I have exactly (no, I haven’t been to the doctor), but its been making me feel very tired and sluggish, and I’ve been having a lot of pain in my sinuses (along with other really gross cold-like symptoms as well). Therefore, I can’t really gage how I’m doing with the No Sugar Challenge because all I’m feeling is illness from this cold. I’m not sure if the cold is related to my new diet. Perhaps my immune system is out of whack, but I don’t really know how that’s even possible since I’ve been eating really healthy and natural foods. 

As for my skin, I saw a minor improvement last week, and then I got a massive pimple right in between my eyes and now a few on my chin. I know a lot of people see improvements in their skin when they cut out sugar, but maybe its not happening for me because my body is fighting off some sort of infection right now. 

So, as of right now, I am in the middle of week 3 and its going pretty much the same as week 2 except I don’t have much of an appetite this week. When I was eating sugary breakfasts (cereals, muffins, bagels, etc.), I would wake up starving. I had to eat as soon as I got up or I would feel so nauseated. Now, I wake up and I am not hungry at all. In fact, I have been waiting about 2 hours before I can even think about eating breakfast. I actually have started dreading breakfast because all I’ve been eating is strawberries with plain Greek yogurt. Once and a while I will have an egg, but I use to eat my eggs with ketchup, so the flavor of the egg on its own is still massively disappointing to me.

However, I have started tasting the natural sweetness of foods a lot more than I use to even though I still think that I’m not quite over my addiction just yet. I still want it and crave it every day, and I am very curious to see how my body will react to sugar after the four weeks are over. 

Final Thoughts: Fingers crossed for me that I recover from this awful cold so that I can start really experiencing the effects of this No Sugar Challenge on my body. Once week 3 is over, I will be reporting on how it went overall as well. I’m still hopeful that I will start feeling more energetic soon. 

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