5 YouTubers I Love

5 YouTubers I Love - The Dance Grad

I hinted about doing a post like this in my Holiday Gift Ideas: Gifts For Her post, and here it is!! Lately, I’ve been having an obsession with YouTube, and I have been watching a few channels religiously, meaning that every time they post a new video, I am there. In case you’re not a big fan of YouTube, or just never got the chance to check out all that these “YouTubers” have to offer, I’d like to share with you a list of 5 of my favorite YouTube channels! Four out of five of these are beauty & fashion YouTubers, but I mainly watch them because of their ability to create high quality videos with a friendly and positive outlook (or comedic outlook in the case of my final pic).

5 of My Favorite YouTubers

Annie Jaffrey

I came across Annie Jaffrey’s channel when I did a search for “motivation and positivity” on YouTube. She not only does videos on those things, but she also talks about beauty products, makeup/hair techniques, fashion and health. Her videos are very well put together, well edited and they look very professional. She also has a wonderful & very likable personality, which makes you want to keep watching.

*My Vid Pick


Zoe or “Zoella” has a fun and upbeat personality, and her videos are mainly about beauty and fashion. She can also be quite funny, which is why this is a channel that I always go back to. She has a lot of other YouTubers in her videos as well, but personally, I prefer watching the ones that are just of her. She has great style, and she’s just really fun to watch.

*My Vid Pick


The third beauty YouTuber on my list is Miss Glamorazzi (her real name is Ingrid). She’s based in California, so she is the only beauty YouTuber on my list that is currently based in America. I like her videos because I can relate to them (being American myself), and she gives me insight into some of the useful US beauty brands that I can get when I’m back at home.

*My Vid Pick

Tanya Burr

Tanya Burr is my final suggestion for beauty YouTubers, and like the others, she provides detailed beauty tutorials (mainly makeup) and fashion as well. Based in Norwich, UK, she provides very friendly and inviting videos that make you want to try her beauty techniques and trust what she has to say.

*My Vid Pick


Jenny Mourey or “Jenna Marbles” makes comedic YouTube videos of impressions, funny situations, and general ranting. I started watching her videos about 3 years ago (before I found all the beauty & fashion YouTubers), I’ve been hooked ever since. I would not recommend watching her videos with children because she talks pretty candidly, but if you don’t mind that, I’d definitely suggest checking her channel out! She also has two adorable little dogs, and they are featured in almost every single video (the little chihuahua’s name is Marbles, which is where she got the inspiration for her “stage name”).

*My Vid Pick

Final Thoughts: Although YouTube is often used to post & view funny cat videos, when you’re watching these YouTubers, you’ll think you are viewing some seriously high quality television. Just like blogging, these ladies put so much thought, time & effort into their videos (a lot of them have written blogs as well), and I absolutely think that they are all worth watching! If you like this post, show me some internet love via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, & Google+! Also, comment if you have any other YouTubers that you love :) As usual, ANY support you can show this blog would be greatly appreciated! Hope you all have a lovely day :)

Best Wishes,

The Dance Grad